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All Things Harlem, created by Still Here Harlem Productions, is a grassroots new media platform providing an alternative to mainstream media.

At a time when the power structure and corporate media have openly declared their concern exclusively for the rich, the powerful, and the middle class Still Here Harlem Productions is committed to build a new media platform to cover every aspect of the community life of the marginalized and voiceless at the base of the social structure in Harlem. It is also our mission to develop a template that may be replicated wherever Harlem’s exist in America and abroad.


Joseph "Jazz" Hayden, Founder President

Joseph “Jazz” Hayden was born and raised in Harlem. He has a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from SUNY New Paltz, and Master’s Degree in Professional Studies from the New York Theological Seminary. Mr. Hayden is also an advocate for prisoner’s right to vote. He is considered to be, among prisoners and advocates, one of the leading experts on the issue in New York State. Still Here Harlem Productions, a new media company, is the brainchild of Jazz. All of his previous experience leading coalitions of activist in New York State and nationally made him aware of the need for a voice for the voiceless. Jazz is presently working with the Riverside Church Prison Ministry and American Friends Service Committee to organize a national movement to end the New Jim Crow. His work has been greatly influenced by the work of the author, Michelle Alexander, and her book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration In the Age of Colorblindness.


The Story Behind Still Here Harlem Productions from The New York Times

Early in our development Still Here Harlem Productions was profiled by The New York Times.  Read more about how we got started and some of the motivations behind All Things Harlem in this feature.

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Video Profile of Still Here Harlem Production on Cuny TV  

Here is a video profile of us produced for The City of New York Univeristy's televisions show called, Independent Sources.

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