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The New Jim Crow


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The New Jim Crow

The purpose of this page is to share information and generate movement building on the issues of mass incarceration and the criminal justice system.  The goal is to end this racial-caste system coined as, The New Jim Crow.  This page is inspired by the book The New Jim Crow, by Michelle Alexander.  Alexander's book has brilliantly unraveled the plan to criminalize young Black and Brown men in America and provides solutions to fight this injustice system.  We recommend all who are interested in these issues to, Read and share the book. & watch Michelle Alexander speak here.  

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The Campaign to End The Death Penalty Convention - Austin, Texas 2011

Jazz Hayden, at the Campaign to End the Death Penalty, describes the path from past to present of the New Jim Crow and mass incarceration. Racism in the criminal justice system is the new jim crow.

By: Nicholas Been, Edited by Lily Hughes
The Campaign to End the Death Penalty was honored to have the participation of several members of the Kids Against the Death Penalty at our recent convention in Austin, Texas. They are a group of mostly high school age kids who have taken a stand against the injustices of the death penalty. Some of the KADP have family members on death row, and all are courageous young men and women who speak out to their peers about this issue. KADP member Nicholas Been addressed our convention with the following words.

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