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Community Outreach to End Gun Violence by Operation Snug 


Operation SNUG is a Harlem based organization that addresses youth violence by doing direct action and outreach in Harlem streets. All Things Harlem recently caught up with them doing community outreach in central Harlem.

Farrakhan Speaks To Harlem

Minister Farrakhan, of the Nation of Islam, did a tour of New York City.  He addressed the loss of "community" in Harlem.  He spoke of a time when the residents of Harlem didn't lock their doors and how that has changed to a community where we fear one another.  Filmed by Jazz Hayden.

ATH Archives - Gun Violence in Our Community

The incident in this video took place in November of 2009 but it is so appropriate for today's situations. Things have not improved since then. All of the purported remedies have proven ineffective. Our experts, academics, social scientist, preachers, and most of all our law enforcement agencies have all proven to be totally ineffective. "Boutique Activism" and "State Intervention" are the problem, not the solution. We need to go back to basics, building caring communities, a sustainable solution that is rooted in caring communities. What is a caring community? That's the discussion we must have.