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"Same Kool-aid, only different flavors." - New York City protestors hold demonstration outside Mayor de Blasio's home 

December 15, 2014

While New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio hosted a holiday party at his Gracie Mansion home, protestors gathered outside as part of a demonstration called, #Mansionshutdown.  The Protest was Organized by Justice League NYC as a continued response to the police misconduct and recent killings going on in our communities. 

First is a video of Rapper and activist Immortal Technique who was a part of the protest and spoke to the crowd about the broad issues at hand. He also recited one of his pieces.


In this next video, a protestor discusses the hypocrisy of Mayor Bill De Blasio an and his policing policy of, Broken Windows.  She compares the policy to stop and frisk and policies we have seen in the past.

Justice League's call to action for the protest read as follows, "On Tuesday, December 9th, Justice League NYC sent a letter to Mayor De Blasio to meet with us to discuss our demands. As of today, we have not received a response from anyone in his administration. But tonight he's having a party and Justice League NYC want you to join us-with bells on!"

NYPD Marijuana Arrest, Harlem - War on Drugs aka War on People of Color

My latest cop watch. Ironically I found myself and my work being validated by the cop in charge. Then it was back to business as usual...marijuana arrest... - Joseph Jazz Hayden

This is a video of a typical marijuana arrest conducted by members or the NYPD. Even though possesing under 25 grams of marijuana has been decriminalized in New York State since the 1970's the NYPD continues to make every effort to criminalize people of color for those offenses. This is based on a loophole in that law that states that if that same amount of marijuana is in, "plain site" it becomes an arrestable misdemeanor offense rather than a violation.


Here is a report from the NYCLU on the racial disparities in marijuana arrests in the stat of New York.

NYCLU Analysis Exposes Stark Racial Disparities in Marijuana Arrests in Counties Across New York State

June 6, 2013 —  There are stark racial disparities in low-level marijuana arrests in counties across New York State, according to a New York Civil Liberties Union analysis released today of federal crime reporting data from 2010.

The greatest racial disparities occur in Kings County (Brooklyn) and New York County (Manhattan), where black New Yorkers are more than 9 times more likely than whites to be arrested for possessing marijuana. But the problem is not limited to New York City. Enormous racial disparities exist in counties throughout the state, including several of the state’s most populous counties, such as Onondaga (7.75 times more likely), Niagara (7.56 times more likely), Monroe (6.5 times more likely) and Erie (5.66 times more likely).

“In all corners of New York State, police are targeting people of color for marijuana possession arrests,” NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman said. “Arresting and jailing thousands of people for possessing small amounts of marijuana does not make safer streets. It only needlessly disrupts people’s lives and fosters distrust between the police and the communities they are sworn to serve.”

Statewide, black people are 4.5 times more likely than white people to be arrested for marijuana possession. They are at least twice as likely to be arrested for possessing marijuana in 52 of the state’s 62 counties. Nationally, blacks are more than 3.7 times as likely as whites to be subjected to marijuana arrests.

There were consistently large racial disparities in marijuana arrests in New York State between 2001 and 2010. While arrest rates of whites increased slightly, black people shouldered a great portion of the increases in marijuana arrests, with the black arrest rate increasing 26 percent over that time span.

These gaping racial disparities in marijuana arrests exist even though government surveys show that whites use marijuana at higher rates than blacks do.

An American Civil Liberties Union report released this week on marijuana arrests nationwide showed New York leads the nation in marijuana arrests. In 2010, there were 103,698 marijuana-possession arrests in New York State – more than 29,000 more arrests than the state with the second-highest total, Texas with 74,286 arrests. New York’s marijuana arrest rate of 535 arrests per 100,000 people was double the national average and was the highest arrest rate of any state.

“New Yorkers should be embarrassed that our state leads the nation in marijuana arrests,” Lieberman said. “The crackdown on low-level marijuana possession needlessly hurts individuals and families – subjecting them to all sorts of collateral consequences like the loss of student financial aid and job opportunities. Governor Cuomo has pledged to clarify the state’s marijuana laws to bring justice and common sense to drug enforcement in our state. We urge him to keep that promise.”

New York City is the nation’s marijuana arrest capital. Arrests for marijuana possession in the city skyrocketed from only 774 in 1991 – for the lowest misdemeanor offense – to 50,383 in 2010 – an increase of 6,409 percent. The explosion in marijuana arrests happened despite the fact that New York State made marijuana possession a violation in 1977, like speeding or ignoring a stop light.

The number of marijuana-possession arrests in the state annually was consistently high between 2001 and 2010 and increased over the final three years of that time span.

Arresting people for possessing small amounts of marijuana does not reduce serious or violent crime. According to a study by two University of Chicago professors, these arrests only pull police off the streets and divert them into nonessential police work. According to the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse and Health, the rise in marijuana arrests has not corresponded with a reduction in the use of marijuana in New York State.

Marijuana possession arrests drive thousands of young men of color into the criminal justice system. It does so at significant taxpayer expense. In 2010, marijuana arrests cost state taxpayers $678.5 million in police and court costs.

“At a time when county governments across New York are cutting services to close huge budget deficits, police should not be wasting scarce resources arresting people for small amounts of marijuana,” Lieberman said.

Marijuana arrests needlessly harm individuals and families. They can affect eligibility for public housing and student financial aid, employment opportunities, child custody determinations and immigration status. Marijuana convictions can also subject people to more severe charges and sentences if they are ever arrested for or convicted of another crime. In addition, the targeted enforcement of marijuana laws against people of color sows mistrust between communities and the police, weakening public safety.

Change? Mayor-elect Bill De Blasio betrays voters and appoints Bill Bratton as Commisioner of the NYPD

Mayor Elect Bill Deblasio contradicts his campaign promises of changing the status quo in the NYPD and "ending an era of stop and frisk" by naming Bill Bratton as Police Commissioner.  Bratton is one of the lead instigators of formalized racist policing practices such as stop and frisk in the modern era.  He previously served as NYPD Commisioner from 1994 to 1996 under Mayor Rudy Giuliani and began using the NYPD to aggressively attack communities of color throughout the city.  Since then he has spread these tactics around the country and worlwide.  Here in the U.S. Bratton increased the practice of stop and frisk while serving as Police Commisioner in Los Angeles.  He was also sent to London to "deal with" communities of color following the riots there a few years ago.  Bratton has lead and conitinues to lead multiple global security organizations.

Bill Bratton's Wikipedia Page will show you all you need to know to connect the dots to the global police state.  Here is an excerpt from it.



Bratton Technologies, Inc.

Today, Bratton is the CEO of Bratton Technologies (, a venture backed company that operates BlueLine, the first secure, global law enforcement professional network. BlueLine is a platform where officers can find each other, share their expertise, insight and information safely through video, instant messaging, videoconferencing and screen share capabilities. [23]


On August 5, 2009, Bratton announced that after nearly seven years he would be stepping down as chief of police for the City of Los Angeles, and he continued to serve as chief until October 31, 2009.[24] Bratton moved back to New York City to take a position with private international security firm Altegrity Risk International, serving as a Chairman of a new division where he would consult on security for police departments worldwide.[25]


Bratton became the Chairman of Kroll, a corporate investigations and risk consulting firm based in New York on September 16, 2010. In November 9 2012, Bratton stepped down as Chairman and was retained by Kroll as a Senior Advisor. Bratton will continue to work with public entities and private organizations facing complex security or investigatory challenges. Kroll is one of Altegrity, Inc.’s three core businesses.[26]


As of June 27, 2013, Bill Bratton has joined NBC News and MSNBC as an analyst specializing in criminal justice policy and practice, domestic intelligence gathering and the role of local law enforcement in counter-terrorism. His analysis will appear across the various platforms of NBC News and MSNBC and their digital properties.

The Bratton Group

As Chief Executive Officer of the Bratton Group LLC, Bratton provides a wide range of collaborative consulting, leadership, management and public safety network services to both the public and private sector in the U.S. and abroad.

Crest Advisory

Bratton joined Crest Advisory on 5th November 2012.[27]

Crest Advisory [28] provides expert advice to prospective police and crime commissioners (PCCs), criminal justice agencies and the security sector. Crest’s team offer a powerful fusion of policy expertise, political insight, delivery experience and communications support to help communities prevent crime, fear and disorder.

Homeland Security Advisory Council

Bratton is the Vice Chairman of the Homeland Security Advisory Council, whose members provide advice and recommendations on a variety of homeland security issues to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


What's next in store for the public with the continuation of the status quo of the NYPD and global policing? Here is a video we shot of Dhoruba Al-Mujahid Bin-Wahad from a few years ago warning us of the police state, Bratton and what we need to do.  He focused on the decentralization of the police department.  Take a look.

This is What Police Community Relations Should Look Like 

The Harlem YMCA gives an annual picnic for its members.  On this day children were given the chance to climb mountains and they did.  What was amazing was their trust in the NYPD officers whose hands their safety was in.  This is an example of how the police should serve a community that trust their children to them.


Ramarley Graham's father speaks following Bronx DAs failure to indict his sons killer

Following a march from the Bronx D.A.s office to the Harlem State Office Building the supporters of the family of Ramarley Graham gathered to speak out on the failure to indict NYPD officer Richard Haste for the murder of Ramarley Graham.  His father, Franclot Graham lays out the families suffering and their demand for justice.

New York City Students Criminalized for Arriving Late to School


Did you know that New York City students are being criminalized for being late to school?  This process takes place when the NYPD sets up checkpoints at subway exits that are in close proximity to public schools.  They stop the students and ask them a series of personal questions and record that information.  This video took place in Harlem, NY at the 135th street station. 

Below are a few questions we had and posed in the video.  Let us know what your thoughts and feelings are on this NYPD practice.  Share your thoughts in the comments section or twitter #schooltoprisonpipeline.

Why are cops stopping students on their way to school when in all public schools there is an officer at the front desk?

This stop took about 10 minutes. Doesn't this practice make students later for school?

Could these stops deter students  from attending on days that they are running late?

What is being done with the information collected by the NYPD?

How do parents feel about their children being stopped and questioned without their consent?

Are these students commuting by train because there isn't a good school in their neighborhood?

One of the most disturbing parts of this video is that the students appear unfazed. These police abuses have become Normalized. But this is not normal!

If young suburban students were stopped by police on their way to school you would likely see fear and tears in their eyes. Followed up by outrage from parents and the school board.

ATH footage used in Yasin Bey (Mos Def) PSA on Stop and Frisk

Don't Tread On Me - Video

Police Incident caught on video in Brooklyn - Looking for Information


All Things Harlem received this video last night of an apparent arrest in Crown Heights Brooklyn. If you pay close attention to the 00.17 second mark you will notice the officers on top of the man punch him the back of the head

Here is the description from the person who filmed the arrest.

This is a video taken from an apartment window that shows the tail end of some serious police brutality. The beating takes place in an alleyway in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, between Union St. and President St, near Albany Ave. The incident occurred at about 1pm on 12/19/12. If you have any information about the person in this video, or are the person who was beaten and want to make some sort of civil claim contact or youtube channel 801angelicupstart. 

Or you can contact us directly at



"Drop the Charges Against Sadiki "Bro. Shep" Ojore Olugbala!" 

NY Collective of Activists Against Judicial Injustice 




 Brother Shep’s (Shepard P. McDaniel) 

Court Appearance 

 Thursday, November 15, 2012 9:00 AM 

 The Bronx County Hall of Justice 

(The "new" Court House across the street from the shopping mall) 

265 East 161st Street 

Part TAP1 Lower Level 





During this past Spring's "Bogus Weapons Case" against Bro. Shaka Shakur; "Original" Black  Panther Party Veteran and longtime community activist Sadiki "Shep" Ojore Olugbala was identified  as a leader, politically targeted and unjustly arrested inside of the Bronx Criminal Court house for his  experienced supervision in the orderly departure of both Bro. Shaka's attorney and his many  supporters from the courtroom. This arrest was made at the same time that several other court  officers were engaged in a heated discussion with Bro. Shaka’s noted activist attorney Michael "Tarif"  Warren in regards his objection of the court officers overall disrespect towards those people who had  come to the trial in support of Bro. Shaka. Unfortunately, despite yet another court victory by the  people The State has decided to still make an example of Bro. Shep in order to have him imprisoned  and; To continue its current city-wide court campaign to "intimidate & curtail" the growing peoples  movement to "Pack The Court House" in support of both organizers and/or the victims of Police  Terror by the NYPD. Finally, in addition to the criminal charges in Bro. Shep's case, is the very real  question of whether or not the people can actually receive a fair and unbiased trial when both the  arresting NYS Court Officers and the presiding NYS Court Judges personally know, socialize and  work with each other on a regular basis. This legal contradiction, as well as the aforementioned City-  Wide Court Campaign to violate our 1st Amendment Constitutional Rights both inside & outside the  courthouse, will be addressed during this trial as well.  



Jazz Hayden's Case Featured on ABC's, "Here and Now"


ABC, Chan. 7, “HERE AND NOW” – Sun. Nov. 4, 2012

Sandra Bookman talks with Joseph Jazz Hayden, the founder of The website has been documenting some of the stop-and-frisk policy cases against the NYPD -- including Hayden's own case. They will be joined by Hayden's attorney, Gideon Oliver, and Noel Leader, the co-founder of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care.

EMERGENCY! Jazz Hayden’s Freedom is On the Line! Urgent Action to Keep Jazz Free

Pack the Court for Jazz Hayden

**THIS THURSDAY**October 11, 8:30am, 100 Centre St - RALLY & PACK THE COURT

Keep Jazz Hayden Free! 

We must stand together and stop the criminal "justice" system, NYPD and DA from putting Jazz behind bars for 14 yeas for his courageous activism against Stop & Frisk, police brutality and the New Jim Crow! Film the Police! No Justice, No Peace! 

Bring a poster and bring friends.  This is an urgent week in the campaign to keep Jazz Free! Despite over 2,000 of us raising our voices, and despite the obviously retaliatory nature of the charges, Jazz is still facing a court date this Thursday, October 11th, that threatens his freedom.  Jazz is a 71-year old grandfather and community activist, unflinchingly devoted to defending the people of Harlem and New York from the racist police humiliation and brutality communities of color experience on a daily basis. The NYPD and the courts are using bogus weapons charges to try to silence his cop watch activities and send a chilling message to the rest of us. Jazz is facing a possible 14 years in prison.   TURN OUT ON OCTOBER 11!! We need to send a strong message to the DA and everyone who enters the courthouse: WE STAND BY JAZZ HAYDEN! 

Sign Jazz’s petition and learn more about his case at 

Watch Jazz's Video Coverage of Michelle Alexander, Angela Davis, Cornel West, Mumia's call-in, Jazz himself, & more speaking at Riverside Church, Fri., Sept. 14, 

Farrakhan Speaks To Harlem

Minister Farrakhan, of the Nation of Islam, did a tour of New York City.  He addressed the loss of "community" in Harlem.  He spoke of a time when the residents of Harlem didn't lock their doors and how that has changed to a community where we fear one another.  Filmed by Jazz Hayden.

Bronx Assemblyman Eric Stevenson takes heat over Stop and Frisk comments

Bronx Assemblyman Eric Stevenson has been facing community criticism over a perceived flip flop on the issue of stop and frisk.  The video below from Occupy the Bronx shows that criticism spilling over at a rally in the Bronx held in support of Reynaldo Cuevas and his family.  Reynaldo Cuevas was recently shot and killed by the NYPD.  Cuevas was inside the Bodega he worked in when it was being robbed and when he ran out for safety an NYPD officer shot and killed him thinking he was one of the perpetrators.  Full Coverage at Occupy the Bronx.

Occupy The Bronx wrote, "Reynaldo Cuevas Relatives, Friends, Community Members and Event Organizers fed up with the political shenanigans politician's play especially when relating to the practices upon communities of color by the NYPD refused the presence of Assemblyman Eric Stevenson who arrived at the event uninvited with media support and afew ex-cops turned community activists geared up to grab mainstream media spot light."

Days after his conflict with the community members took place, Assemblyman Stevenson sat down with Jazz Hayden of to clarify his view on Stop & Frisk and where he stands.  Let us know what you think of his response and this issue as a whole.   





Keep Jazz Free - Delivery of Petitions and Letters Telling DA Cyrus Vance to Drop the Charges Against Jazz Hayden

Delivery of over 2,000 petitions and letters telling DA Cyrus Vance to drop the charges against Jazz Hayden.

EMERGENCY! Jazz Hayden's Freedom is On the Line

Two Urgent Actions to Keep Jazz Free:


Thursday, September 13th, 8:30 am -1 Hogan Place

(near Centre and Worth Streets, around the corner from courthouse at 100 Centre Street; Trains: 4/5/6/N/R to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall; Q to Canal; A/C/J/Z to Chambers)

Join us at the press conference & rally
And earlier in the week...


    Tuesday, September11th

    Call Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance's office: Attorney William Darrow, tel. 212-335-9192

    Tell Darrow to Drop the Charges Against Jazz Hayden! We want to keep Jazz Free!

This is an urgent week in the campaign to keep Jazz free! Despite over 2,000 of us raising our voices, and despite the obviously retaliatory nature of the charges, District Attorney Cyrus Vance has re-affirmed he intends to pursue an indictment at the Grand Jury hearing this Thursday.

Jazz is a 71-year old grandfather and community activist, unflinchingly devoted to defending the people of Harlem and New York from the racist police humiliation and brutality communities of color experience on a daily basis. The NYPD and the courts are using bogus weapons charges to try to silence his cop watch activities and send a chilling message to the rest of us. Jazz is facing a possible 14 years in prison.  

TURN OUT ON SEPTEMBER 13!! We need to send a strong message to jurors and the prosecutors as they enter the courthouse: WE STAND BY JAZZ HAYDEN!

CALL THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY ON SEPTEMBER 11!! Take just two minutes on Tuesday to flood their phone lines with one clear message: drop the trumped-up charges against Jazz Hayden! Call Attorney William Darrow at 212-335-9192 and tell him to stop persecuting Jazz for his community service!

Sign Jazz's petition and learn more about his case at

Video: Rally at 32nd Precinct in Support of Jazz Hayden

           Shaka Shakur - community activist and member of, The People's Survival Program, speaks to the crowd of supporters and the NYPD outside of the 32nd precinct in Harlem.  He emphasizes the importance of using a the video camera as a weapon against police abuse in our community.               

Why The Police? Jazz Hayden asks this question to students at John Jay College

Our youth are turning to law enforcement because it offers them the best job opportunity, not because of a desire to serve the people. One student even told me that he "hates" the police but he doesn't see an alternative.

Click to read more ...

We Salute Fellow Cop Watcher, "Nycresistance"

We have gotten to know "Nycresistance" from his work videoing police incidents in our communities over the past few years.  If you haven't had the chance to view any of his work you need to take a look.  He is a true fighter for justice and truth and All Things Harlem commends him to the utmost.  His work further reveals the depth of the misconduct, harassment and human rights abuses of the NYPD carries out in communities of color.

Make sure to check his great videos on his youtube channel or his blog.

View more select videos here.

Teenage Girl in Harlem Harassed and Falsely Handcuffed By the NYPD

Alexis Sumpter 15-years-old (PHOTO from NY DAILY NEWS)

An over-aggressive NYPD strikes again, this time harrassing and handcuffing Alexis Sumpter a 15-year-old Harlem girl.  The NYPD assumed that Sumpter was too old to be using the student metrocard she used to enter the subway.  Alexis explained to the officers that she was only 15 but since she didn't have her ID on her the officers roughly brought her upstairs and handcuffed her.  After the brutality things were cleared up and Alexis was not arrested or given a summons. 

Video of Alexis describing the incident.

Video: Drop The Charges - Jazz Hayden in Court - July 31, 2012

Coverage on NY1

Jazz Speaks to NY1's Natasha Ghoneim outside Manhattan Criminal Court

Jazz Hayden along with a large group of supporters packed Manhattan Criminal Courthouse inside and out on the morning of July 31, 2012.  They were there demanding that District Attorney Cyrus Vance drop the charges against Jazz Hayden.  The charges against Jazz are seen to be retaliation for his filming and scrutiny of police activities in the Harlem community.  

The Judge set another date for Jazz's case on October 11, 2012 in anticipation of a grand jury indictment.  The grand jury will be convened sometime during September (TBA).  The supporters plan to mobilize around both events of these dates.    

To keep up with Jazz's case or get involved go to


Sign the petition

David Galarza speaks to the importance of filming police activities in our communities to show the truth in whats going on.  He describes a recent video he shot of an NYPD officer fondling and body slamming a young teenager.  He tells of how the news reported it as a good job by the officer while his video tells a different story.  

While David is speaking you will notice that one of the court officers behind him is filming him and the group of supporters.  Why? And what will they do with this tape we don't know.

Click to read more ...

Stop and Frisk discussion on the Rachel Maddow Show's footage was used in this piece at around 1:45 minutes in. 

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Mellisa Harris-Perry hosted this episode of the Rachel Maddow show. She discussed San Francisco, Mayor Ed Lee's decision to consider implementing the stop and frisk police tactic in his city.  Marquez Claxton, Former NYPD Detective and Director of the Black Law Enforcement Alliance was a guest on the show and describes the failure of the stop and frisk policy.