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The purpose of this page is to document the police activity in our neighborhoods.  If you have a video or story you would like to submit please send us and email at

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NYPD Rookie Cops - Training on Youth in Subway Station - Washington Heights 

While passing through the train station we stumbled on NYPD rookies training on other human beings without any regards for their feelings or dignity; for some minor offense. The events depicted in this video are routine for Black and Brown men.

NYPD question a Harlem man eating a meal at a bar 

The police are looking for a suspect in a car accident. The description of the suspect is that he wore blue jeans and a grey shirt, no weight, height, or other notable features. The gentleman being detained is in a Harlem bar eating a meal. The cops come in and treat him like a suspect because "he fits the description", along with half the people in Harlem. These policemen were obvious rookies.

NYPD Stop and Frisk - Car Search - Harlem, NY 02/23/12

Yet, another example of the NYPD's stop and frisk policy at work. On February 23, 2012 we passed 2 men being stopped and frisked outside of their car in Harlem. It turned out that the police stopped them because of the vehicles tinted windows. During the stop the driver had trouble finding his drivers license. Both men were told to get out of the car and had their bodies frisked. After their bodies were frisked the NYPD proceeded to search the vehicle.

While the men were standing at the back of the car the driver searched his pockets again and was able to find his license. At this point the NYPD took down all of the drivers information and let both him and the passenger go with no tickets or traffic violations.

Add another worthless stop and frisk to the 700,000 that take place in New York City each year. More people human rights were violated for no reason whatsoever other than driving while black in Harlem.

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