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The purpose of this page is to document the police activity in our neighborhoods.  If you have a video or story you would like to submit please send us and email at

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Activists in Harlem Labeled as Professional Agitators by the NYPD

Susan Watts/New York Daily NewsWhen local activists Christina Gonzalez and Matthew Swaye arrived to attend their local 30th Precinct Community Board Meeting they were surprised to see a picture of their face hanging in the precinct labeling them as "professional agitators."

Christina and Mathew have been fighting to end the NYPD's policy of Stop and Frisk and have been doing this by taking videos of the NYPD in their Harlem neighborhood and posting the videos to their youtube channel.  They feel their videos and outspoken opposition to the police force have made them targets on NYPD.  This flyer would have us agree with them.

The NYPD recently made another effort to intimidate the couple and other Stop Stop and Frisk activists by showing up in front of their home after a Stop Stop and Frisk Meeting.  See Full Details Here.

We at All Things Harlem salute the courageous work of Christina and Matt.  They are true fighters who have sacrificed a lot and brought a lot of attention to the issue of Stop and Frisk and police abuse in New York City.

Here is a great example of the types of the Copwatch videos they do and have posted to their youtube channel.

Arrests Made in Silent March to End Stop and Frisk - Father's Day - New York City

Arrests were made as the the Silent March to end stop and frisk winded down outside Mayor Bloomberg's home in New York City. As some of the remaining groups and people continued to protest and began changing their silence into noise, the massive presence of the NYPD formed up quickly in attempts to stamp out what remained of the march.

With orders coming over the phone from their bosses the chain of command took over and the NYPD management, (the guys in the suits on their phones) informed their captains (the guys in white shirts) to instruct their minions (the foot soldiers in blue) to begin to to clear 5th Avenue and push people onto the sidewalks and in between the barricades surrounding Mayor Bloomberg 's home. They did this by using their normal military apparatus of Motor Scooters, vans, batons, big orange netting, tons of zip tied handcuffs, police camera crew (TARU) etc.

With these tools they still relied on what they know best, brute force and intimidation along with a few arrests in hopes that this would disperse the crowd. In this situation they chose to arrest the biggest baddest most intimidating people of the group first - (young women).

All the while members of crowd chastised the police for their actions and challenged them to think about what they were doing and what they were supporting in their actions.

Harlem Youth Speak out against NYPD abuse at Occupy Harlem Rally 

NYPD throw Harlem teen through bank window 

Report and Video from a witness who was nearby the incident.

March 27, 2012. Harlem, 135th and 8th ave at approx 3:00pm. The aftermath of cops throwing teen through window because he was standing around near a Trayvon Martin protest group after school I am not sure if the kid was involved with the protest. Let's make sure this cop is accountable for his excessive abuse!!


We are still trying to find out more details about this incident. Anyone with information please email


NYPD question a Harlem man eating a meal at a bar 

The police are looking for a suspect in a car accident. The description of the suspect is that he wore blue jeans and a grey shirt, no weight, height, or other notable features. The gentleman being detained is in a Harlem bar eating a meal. The cops come in and treat him like a suspect because "he fits the description", along with half the people in Harlem. These policemen were obvious rookies.

NYPD Occupies, "The Shrine" - Harlem Bar and Restaurant

Photo From:

Video Here

The Shrine, a Harlem bar and restaurant that provides live entertainment for a racially and ethnic diverse group, was "occupied" by NYPD on Saturday night March 10, 2012.  NYPD and others were apparently conducting an inspection. The resources used for this occupation were a dozen officers, commanders, vans, and police vehicles. For what?  Why on Saturday?  Where was the threat to public safety?  There was none.


NYPD Stop and Frisk - Car Search - Harlem, NY 02/23/12

Yet, another example of the NYPD's stop and frisk policy at work. On February 23, 2012 we passed 2 men being stopped and frisked outside of their car in Harlem. It turned out that the police stopped them because of the vehicles tinted windows. During the stop the driver had trouble finding his drivers license. Both men were told to get out of the car and had their bodies frisked. After their bodies were frisked the NYPD proceeded to search the vehicle.

While the men were standing at the back of the car the driver searched his pockets again and was able to find his license. At this point the NYPD took down all of the drivers information and let both him and the passenger go with no tickets or traffic violations.

Add another worthless stop and frisk to the 700,000 that take place in New York City each year. More people human rights were violated for no reason whatsoever other than driving while black in Harlem.

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