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- vlogs, editorials and thoughts from Joseph "Jazz" Hayden - Founder of "Still Here" Harlem Productions and   The story behind The Hornblower goes like this...

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Why The Police?

Outside of John Jay College, Students declined to appear on camera - Our youth are turning to law enforcement because it offers them the best job opportunity, not because of a desire to serve the people. One student even told me that he "hates" the police but he doesn't see an alternative.

Jazz Hayden's Recent Radio Appearances

Jazz discusses his court cases and the subjects of mass incarceration and policing in our communities.

Click the links below for the two shows aired on WBAI 99.5 FM on thursday April 12, 2012. 

Interview #1

Interview #2

Jazz also appeared on Bernard White's show on Community Progressive Radio, called Emanations.  

Interview with Community Progressive Radio.  (Jazz interview begins at 29:12 minutes)





The Economy is Busted!

Speaking at the Campaign to End The Death Penalty Convention in Austin Texas, 2011.

Check me out on NY1 story

My Podcast On The Attica Rebellion

Listen Here, to Lee Wengraf and myself speak about the Attica Rebellion which took place 40 years ago. This podcast was recorded at the Socialism 2011 Conference, in Chicago on July 1, 2011, and was recorded for

Hornblower Libya 

Thoughts on the United States military involvement in Libya.

The Story Behind Hornblower

THE HORNBLOWER A professor of political science announced that he would be taking the class on a graduation trip to an island in the Pacific where they would get a chance to witness democracy, in its purest form, in action. When they arrived at the island a referendum on a very important issue to the whole island population was being debated and was scheduled for a vote. Because of the geographical smallness of the island, and the population, full participation of the island population was possible. Unlike in the United States where people had to vote by paper and electronic ballots from one end of the country to the other, the people of this island voted directly. The method of voting was by blowing their horns.

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Who's country is this?

TSA Abuse--Nothing New

CNN producer note

HarlemProd, of New York, New York, wants people to realize that the TSA frisking procedures are nothing new. 'Millions of American's are subject to this same kind of treatment everyday in their own communities, through police stop and frisk policies, said HarlemProd. 'Why does it take the TSA to start doing this to mainstream Americans for those mainstreamers to say, "Hey, now this is wrong?'

- nhieatt, CNN iReport producer

Response to Charlie Rangel hearing decision 

While the U.S. wages criminal wars around the world, and no one is held accountable, we put a Congressman with 50 years of service on trial for frivolous ethics violations.


"What Do Prisoners Want To Hear?" 


 What we want to hear should be plain to see

If you look at the situation in which we be.


We are trapped on a 20th century plantation

Our souls are filled with dreams of liberation,

So when you drop by to see us

Please have a plan about how you can help free us.


Now you see, we are not interested in words alone,

‘Cause our primary interest is in going home.

So, we really don’t care to hear you speechify and pound on your chest;

Unless you can show us how to put these chains to rest.


Just ‘cause you walk in here from the promised land,

Smelling of freedom and looking grand,

Don’t expect us to be impressed with what we hear or see

Unless you have a strategy to set us free.


By the way, have you taken the time to analyze our situation?

Do you know that we are in chains all across this nation?

Do you know that building prisons has become a national pastime,

And demands for human rights and freedom have been declared a high crime?


Politicians and the media want to have freedom outlawed;

All they talk about is getting tough on crime and passing mo’ laws.

Together they work hand in hand

To spread fear and mistrust of prisoners all across this land.


Thanks to them, our unborn children have reservations

For every concentration camp in this whole damn nation?

The last thing we needs is some feel good rap

That will only leaves us standing in this same damn trap.


Bottom line...

If you are not talking about how to end this nightmare

You sure ain’t talking about what prisoners want to hear.


                                               By: Joseph “Jazz” Hayden

Professor Gates, Wrong Attitude