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Jazz Hayden's Case Featured on ABC's, "Here and Now"


ABC, Chan. 7, “HERE AND NOW” – Sun. Nov. 4, 2012

Sandra Bookman talks with Joseph Jazz Hayden, the founder of The website has been documenting some of the stop-and-frisk policy cases against the NYPD -- including Hayden's own case. They will be joined by Hayden's attorney, Gideon Oliver, and Noel Leader, the co-founder of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care.

EMERGENCY! Jazz Hayden’s Freedom is On the Line! Urgent Action to Keep Jazz Free

Pack the Court for Jazz Hayden

**THIS THURSDAY**October 11, 8:30am, 100 Centre St - RALLY & PACK THE COURT

Keep Jazz Hayden Free! 

We must stand together and stop the criminal "justice" system, NYPD and DA from putting Jazz behind bars for 14 yeas for his courageous activism against Stop & Frisk, police brutality and the New Jim Crow! Film the Police! No Justice, No Peace! 

Bring a poster and bring friends.  This is an urgent week in the campaign to keep Jazz Free! Despite over 2,000 of us raising our voices, and despite the obviously retaliatory nature of the charges, Jazz is still facing a court date this Thursday, October 11th, that threatens his freedom.  Jazz is a 71-year old grandfather and community activist, unflinchingly devoted to defending the people of Harlem and New York from the racist police humiliation and brutality communities of color experience on a daily basis. The NYPD and the courts are using bogus weapons charges to try to silence his cop watch activities and send a chilling message to the rest of us. Jazz is facing a possible 14 years in prison.   TURN OUT ON OCTOBER 11!! We need to send a strong message to the DA and everyone who enters the courthouse: WE STAND BY JAZZ HAYDEN! 

Sign Jazz’s petition and learn more about his case at 

Watch Jazz's Video Coverage of Michelle Alexander, Angela Davis, Cornel West, Mumia's call-in, Jazz himself, & more speaking at Riverside Church, Fri., Sept. 14, 

End Mass Incarceration Event at Riverside Church

Angela Davis and Michelle Alexander take part in a panel discussion on the issue of mass incarceration at Riverside Church in New York City on September 14, 2012.  They answer the questions of, what is the problem of mass incarceration and what does it say about the United States society?

More Video to Come...

Jazz Hayden's case profiled in The New York Times

Andrea Mohin/The New York Times

NY Times - In the streets of his native Harlem, Joseph Hayden is a familiar presence, patrolling the neighborhood with his video camera, ready to document interactions between the police and the residents they stop — and doing so at an age when most people have retired.

“Like I tell them,” Mr. Hayden, 71, said recently of the police, “I’m on your side to make sure there is courtesy, professionalism and respect. Isn’t that what you advertise on the side of your car?”

Full Story at NY Times

Urgent action to support Jazz Hayden before Grand Jury Hearing

More info on the case

CopWatch Video Playlist Shot by Jazz Hayden and ATH

Video: Jazz Hayden returns to court - No Surrender, Film the Police

On April 17, 2012 supporters, community members and activists came out to support Joseph "Jazz" Hayden in court. Before heading into court there was a press conference that included speakers, Sarah Kunstler, Robert Gangi, Johanna Fernandez, King Downing, Laura Whitehorn, Lewis Webb and Joseph "Jazz" Hayden.

This was Jazz's third time in court for felony charges he is facing in an attempted retaliation by the NYPD to stop his activist work, which entails filming the police in the Harlem community. Full details here,

After only a few minutes in court Jazz's case was postponed to July 31, 2012.

Supporters headed back outside and recapped what happened and whats the next step. They also addressed the long line of people who were heading into court that day. Letting them know that "they are not the criminals" and that its really the system that is criminal.

A man who was heading into court stepped out of the line to tell us his story of how he was wrongfully arrested for carrying his work tools and being stopped and frisked and accused of Felony Possession of a Weapon.

Shaka Shakur another one of our community leaders who is facing retaliation from the NYPD with a case of his own also spoke along with Brother Shep of the Universal Zulu Nation. They further elaborated on the bigger picture of this unjust and racist system that is being used to destroy our communities. Brother Shep urged the audience to go to Washington D.C. next week to Occupy the Justice Department. See for details.

The People Power Movement holds a community conversation in Harlem

The People Power Movement held its monthly community conversation at Harlem's Metropolitan AME Church on February 23, 2012.  This discussion was entitled, "Free The Mind" and included panelists, Joseph "Jazz" Hayden, Claudia De La Cruz and Shaka Shakur.  Below are video from the panelists.

The People Power Movement holds community conversations every 4th Thursday of the month.  For more information email

 Shaka Shakur

Claudia De La Cruz

Joseph "Jazz" Hayden

Video: Press Conference in Support for Joseph "Jazz" Hayden

Click Photo for NY1 Coverage

Community members, social activists, religious and political leaders all came together outside of the Manhattan Supreme Court for a press conference in support of Joseph "Jazz" Hayden and to rally against the NYPD's racist practice known as Stop and Frisk.

Jazz was a recent victim of retaliation by the NYPD when he was arrested by the same 2 officers he filmed last summer during a Copwatch. He has been out filming police activity and Stop and Frisks in Harlem for the past 3 years and posting these videos to youtube(playlist) and For full story and detail behind the arrest view here -

The court decided to send Jazz's case to the Grand Jury and his next court date will be on April 17, 2012. Please come out again and support him on this day. More details will follow.

All Things Harlem - Video Coverage

PRESS CONFERENCE/RALLY In Support of Jazz Hayden


JANUARY 19, 2012



Current Speakers: 

Charles Barron, City Council

King Downing, American Friends Service Committee

Liz Fink, civil rights attorney

Kassandra Frederique, Policy Associate, Drug Policy Alliance

Robert Gangi, Senior Policy Advocate, Urban Justice Center

Jazz Hayden, Campaign to End the New Jim Crow

Sarah Kunstler, civil rights attorney

Rev. Stephen Phelps, Senior Minister, The Riverside Church

Yusef Salaam, defendant in the Central Park jogger case

Chet Whye, Executive Director, Harlem4 Center for Change

Jumaane Williams, City Council

Nahal Zamani, Advocacy and Program Manager, Government Misconduct and Racial Justice, Center for Constitutional Rights



Video: ATH Founder Joseph "Jazz" Hayden Receives Lifetime Achievement Award


Citizens Against Recidivism honored, Joseph "Jazz" Hayden, with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his life's work of activism around the issues of Criminal Justice. The event was at Citizens Against Recidivsim's annual award ceremony on November 5, 2011 at Tian restaurant in Harlem.



New York State Senator Bill Perkins addressed the audience at the awards ceremony.

For more information on Citizens Against Recidivism visit

Press: Campaign To End The New Jim Crow

Uptown residents Larry White (left), 76, and Joseph “Jazz” Hayden (right), 70, have both spent decades in prison, and now act as prison activists. (Photo by Nat Rudarakanchana)

The Uptowner - On a quiet Friday evening, a band of grizzled but passionate prison activists wound its way through the corridors of Riverside Church, into a bright business-like meeting room. On the agenda this night: the launching of a campaign to end what they call the “New Jim Crow.”

“We do this and we live this 24/7, all day every day,” said Joseph “Jazz” Hayden, a 70-year-old organizer and activist who had been in prison for 20 years. “But others don’t necessarily know what we’re doing, or know much about the issues we’re dealing with.”

Read Full Story

For information on the Campaign visit